Invisible Shield Installation

Even before I bought the iPhone 3G, I pre-ordered the invisible shield for iPhone 3G. However, after I got my shield, there are two noticeable lines on the front coverage due to the package. I was kind of pissed and requested a replacement. Yesterday, the replacement arrived and this time I am well prepared for the installation (even watched several video clips on YouTube, try searching "iPhone 3G invisible shield" and you'll get a bunch of useful demos).

To prevent fingerprints, I wear plastic gloves (like those used in surgery). I sprayed plenty of the shield solution on the film before applying it. One good thing about spraying excessive shield solution is that you can adjust the position of the film on the iPhone directly. The front coverage is quite easy to install. For the back coverage, I must admit I'm not 100% satisfied with my work. I should have washed my hands again before applying the back film to avoid lints on the glove (those lints end up adhere to the shield...) The back part is really hard to align, I try positioning the top first but still got a little miss-alignment. Since the new iPhone has a curvy back and corner, I have to utilize the "palm technique" to make the film flat. Overall, it's a nice product that requires a lot of patience and deft fingers.

As for the result, there are no bubbles/noticeable lints on the front but quite a few lints on the back (I know, it is really sad...) If mine were a black iPhone 3G, those lints would not be that obvious. And I think the invisible shield looks better on black models because it can make them brighter. For the white ones, however, the back seems to be less bright than it used to.

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