AppStore freeware roundup

Recently, I found several useful/interesting applications in AppStore. And, they're all free. There are two well-designed games, Labyrinth LE and BreakClassic. The former features tilt control to lead a steel ball passing a wooden labyrinth. There is a commercial version, which costs $6.99, providing 500 stages instead of 10 in the free edition. The latter is a classic brick breaking game features really good graphics. If anyone doubts the graphic computing ability of the iPhone 3G, he/she should take a look at this game.

Besides games, I also download productivity applications such as 1Password, YouNote, and Convertor. 1Password helps you keep login/account information of websites. YouNote allows you to create any kind of notes (text, voice, draw, even with geolocation infos). Convertor is very useful when I want to convert my weight from pounds to kilograms. Note: Convertor is no longer free; it costs only $0.99 tho.

Last but not least, there finally exists a universal IM client! It's named Palringo. With a clean interface, I can now access IMs like Windows Messenger, AIM, and Google Talk anytime, anywhere, no need to worry about the company internet blocking policy. But it's not perfect. First, you have to register a Palringo account (free to register). Second, there is just one contact list that contains all buddies in different IMs. Third, you can't choose to login only Windows Messenger or AIM, once you fire up the application, it'll automatically login all the IM accounts. I'm still looking forward to Fring showing up in AppStore or through jailbroken installers. For now, I'll say Palringo is an OK option since it crashes often on my iPhone...

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