How to get a contract free iPhone 3G in US

Based on my experience solely...

After making several phone calls to 611 (AT&T customer service number if using a cell phone), I got following results.

  1. In 30 days of your purchase, you have to return the phone if you want to cancel the line without paying Early Termination Fee (ETF). However, you can keep the phone and pay the ETF instead, which is exactly what I did.

  2. If you cancel the line within 3 days of the activation, AT&T has to waive your activation fee. The representative said that I don't need to pay the bill for first month either. However, I haven't have a chance to check my mails to see whether it's true. The line activated on the purchase of the phone is proved to be inactive.

  3. I'm currently under an AT&T family plan. I called the representative to add the 3G data plan for $30/mo. I was given two version of answers on this deal. One said that I have to keep this data plan all the way till my contract expired. The other said that the data plan can be canceled anytime.

  4. These could all be done through dialing 611 (AT&T customer service) from your cell phone, no need to rush to Apple/AT&T store.

  5. Different representatives give different answers, I talked to 4 AT&T representatives and ONE Apple sales, so be patient and keep trying...

iPhone 3G rocks, contract-free? even better :-)

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